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Avoid Internet surveillance for free!! It's easier than you think!

Discussion in 'Computer & Technology' started by noirvpn, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. noirvpn

    noirvpn Well-Known Member

    MechoDownload is proud to announce an exciting new opportunity for its members. We strive to give our members the best experience when you visit us, so we have decided to give you the opportunity to win something that you will not get free anywhere else .. you're privacy when you upload or download with a VPN account.

    If you already have VIP status or have given a donation in the past, then you're automatically eligible. If you have not, then what are you waiting for?
    Support our site by giving back a little to help our cause. By doing so, you can then enter the bimonthly draw to win a two week subscription to NoirVpn.
    New winners will be announced every two weeks, so get in on the action and protect your online privacy.

    However, you must be VIP or a donor to the MechoDownload site to qualify. You have nothing to lose, except your online identity. Join today and get in on the draw. Just enter the VIP donor section at the bottom of the MD site and enter.
    You must enter your name to be able to play and win!!

    NoirVpn.com gives you easy, effective and efficient online privacy protection.
    We set out to build a system that delivers military grade encryption without compromise! We believe that we have easy to use and great technology that it seems like magic.
    We have taken the time and care to ensure NoirVpn.com is as easy to use as it is powerful and reliable. Use the simple wizard to install, select the desktop icon, and the NoirVpn.com client does the rest automatically in the background. You've gone dark and you're running secured.

    We have a solid background in IT, experience in encryption and networking, which allows us to offer reliable services. We prefer to know as little as possible about our users since we value your right to privacy and anonymity. The only details we have about you are what you entered when you joined: username, password and email address. We offer our users to secure their internet connection, while protecting their personal freedom by encrypting all the data transmitted via a secure VPN tunnel. A VPN tunnel is the link between your computer (client), which connects over the Internet to a VPN server (NoirVpn.com), creating an encrypted network. The client (you) is now able to access the Internet through the encrypted network with a new IP address.

    The location of the IP address depends on which server you connect to. NoirVpn.com has 7 global servers.

    As soon as you connect to NoirVpn.com your computer is assigned a new IP address, an IP address that is controlled by us, not your ISP. From this point on, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and is tunneled to NoirVpn.com. Once you're with us, your message is decrypted and allowed to travel to its intended destination. Your local ISP will only see a single encrypted data stream between you and NoirVpn.com. Your ISP can no longer monitor, log or control your Internet usage.

    If you think that using a high-end privacy service will look suspicious to your local network administrator or ISP, don't be. Our tunneling wraps everything in an outside wrapper that is indistinguishable from plain, old-fashioned HTTP traffic. Thus, you have secure web browsing. It's plain and simple.

    Life is complicated and frustrating enough, no one needs more drama. NoirVpn.com eliminates the drama, rather than adding it. A nice way to go and it works!

    Make no mistake; this is NOT a proxy service. Proxies are for viewing websites only. If you are tempted to use a free proxy service (there are many) please be warned that those sites can actually log your activity and can steal your passwords or credit card details, etc (that's why they are free).
    The final result is: when using free proxy servers, one runs high risks of identity theft and a computer being taken over, generally to be used in crimes.

    Use a VPN account from a trusted service provider, like NoirVpn.com. We have a strict privacy policy and do not store anything you do when connected to our servers. Nobody knows what you do, but you!

    The choice is clear, use a paid server like NoirVpn.com. We have no other agenda, since this is all we do and all this for about 5 euros a month. (Less than .20 cents a day)

    NoirVpn.com will give you the following:
    - Unlimited traffic, without any limits at all
    - Guaranteed anonymity (Your IP's hidden)
    - Strong data encryption (2048bits)
    - Use of 7 servers, USA, Canada, France and Germany, NL, Spain and UK
    - Your choice of PPTP or OpenVpn, depending your OS

    We will give all MechoDownload members a free coupon for some extra time, all you need to do is mention MechoDownload when you purchase your first account.
    Of course, our support service is always at your disposal to solve any problems, or simply just to answer your questions.

    Join us at NoirVpn.com today and get your free bonus coupon with your paid subscription. You have nothing to lose, except your online identity! Hide your IP now.
    Lasted edited by : Dec 7, 2014

  2. rainman

    rainman French Global Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I can tell you I'm a user of this service and works fine for me. Recommended for anybody wants to be safe and be off the radar.

  3. Caffrey

    Caffrey Retired Admin

    For anyone worried this isn't legitimate, this is legitimate. Officially sponsored by MechoDownload and NoirVPN :) For any US members, ISPs are soon going to be tracking their users for copyright infringement so a VPN will come in very handy to avoid getting those pesky copyright letters, save the trees!

  4. crwn

    crwn Member


  5. cheyanne06

    cheyanne06 Uploader


  6. dhakaiya_pola

    dhakaiya_pola Member



    CULUNDISLL34 New Member


  8. jeffy6

    jeffy6 Donator Donator

    so great news yé !

  9. theaci

    theaci New Member


  10. Owen.molina

    Owen.molina New Member

    usually I find what I seek. thanks

  11. trix2020

    trix2020 New Member

    I'll give it a try..thanks...

  12. snaky

    snaky New Member


  13. jim1974

    jim1974 New Member


  14. scoobydoo10

    scoobydoo10 New Member


  15. azebou

    azebou New Member


  16. pcuser32

    pcuser32 New Member

    sounds great but i do lot of downloading wondering about speed

  17. noirvpn

    noirvpn Well-Known Member

    You will not notice any performance loss with simple web browsing, however, some loss in performance may be experienced when using any vpn service ( anybody who says otherwise, is not telling you the truth).
    Noirvpn.com has 7 very fast servers in 2 geographical locations, of which, at least one will work best for you, in your location. However, the answer depends on several variables, like the service from your internet provider, how many others are downloading in your vicinity and location of the files themselves.

    Today with the very fast speed available offered by internet providers, the change is becoming less and less. So with a 50MB option, I have seen a change from about 8 minutes to about 10 minutes, while downloading a 700 MB file using NoirVpn, which is not really a big issue. Even a 1MB connection gives decent download times, but it will depend on the variables as mentioned before. When I get a slow response on a free account, with or without vpn active, I give it one minute, abort the download and start again. This usually clears the bottleneck in the pipeline. With a paid account, it flies.
    However, we invite you to come our web site and test drive for yourself. You have nothing to lose, but your identity online.

    However, its not all about speed, but security as well.
    We understand security.
    We at NoirVpn.com, believe that the number one concern is privacy and is the prime objective of all of us. While downloading, you may spend a bit more time in the process, but this is far better option, than getting mail indicating that you may lose your internet privileges, due to violations that someone else may have performed on your PC or someone else in your home network.
    If you're the only user fine, but you can expect this to happen at some time if you don't practice safety. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
    Hope this helps.


  18. naadhu

    naadhu New Member


  19. xiviD02

    xiviD02 New Member


  20. pparadiso

    pparadiso Uploader


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