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Scott Valdez - The Click Magnet Dating System

Discussion in 'Tutorials on DVD' started by golden_plaza, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. golden_plaza

    golden_plaza Well-Known Member

    Scott Valdez - The Click Magnet Dating System

    Now You Won't Ever Have To "Work Up The Courage" To Approach Women. You Can Finally Stop Wasting Time Getting Brutally Rejected, And Never, EVER Walk Home "Empty Handed" Again.
    With This Cutting-Edge New System, You'll Have An Astronomical Supply Of Gorgeous Women Chasing YOU, On Auto-Pilot, While You Sleep. All Because Of A Simple Copy N' Paste Message That You Can Send TONIGHT.

    Dear friend,

    Have you ever felt powerless in your situation with women?

    A few years ago, I came to a very important conclusion: pretty much everything required for meeting women, getting dates, or getting a girlfriend SUCKS.

    Here are a few things that I can't stand; perhaps you hate these things as much as I do:

    Walking home from a night of trying to meet women "empty handed".
    Sleeping alone way more often that you'd like.
    Barely attracting "average girls".
    "Working up the nerve" to talk to an attractive woman.
    Constantly thinking about your next move or strategy in order to attract a woman.
    Wasting time, effort, energy, and money meeting women. Time that you could put to much better use if only you had your situation with women handled!
    Have Any Of These Things Ever
    Happened To You?
    My name is Scott Valdez, and you are not alone.

    The fact is, if most guys knew what I'm about to share with you today, I might inadvertently trigger a second Great Depression.

    I'm not kidding: every man alive would quit working, quit going to the gym, quit chasing women in bars, and businesses everywhere would shut down because guys would quit spending money on women.

    Instead, men would sit at home in their boxers all day drinking beer.

    The reason?

    I devised the only system in the
    world that attracts women
    FOR YOU.
    You sit at home, fire off a couple messages, and grab your umbrella as a tsunami of women start chasing you, fighting for your attention.

    Today, I'm going to "open my kimono" and reveal EVERYTHING.

    Read to the end of this letter, and I promise, your life will be changed forever.

    You'll learn:

    A cutting-edge method for grabbing the attention of dozens of women online every single day, and sucking them into your inbox with a powerful magnetic force - whether or not you even turn on your computer!

    How to get more dates, by simply pressing a "reset" button, and having more incredible women come right to your doorstep. You can also use this tip to attract your perfect dream girl to you as quickly as possible.

    In short, this new system makes chasing women in bars and clubs OBSOLETE, and.

    I've got real, hard data to prove it.
    Eight years ago, I set out to study and master online dating.

    Though a series of wild and unexpected events, I became VERY GOOD at meeting women online.

    In fact.

    I went from a geek who could barely snag a date in an entire year, to having 3-4 new dates every single week.

    Of course, it was not easy.

    At first, I was shocked to find out that I got NO RESPONSES.

    I felt like I was sending emails right into a black hole - NOTHING was working.

    .I tried being nice, and relating with them.

    .I tried to be REALLY witty, but that didn't work either.

    .I tried practically every approach I could think of - but nothing really worked.

    I had ZERO replies to my first 37 emails.

    I just sat at my computer for hours chasing women online and got no responses from attractive women - no matter how hard I tried.

    I was angry and frustrated.

    And I wanted to smash my laptop into pieces!

    Now, I knew I had to change something in order to start meeting women, however.

    It took one more deathblow before I was pushed over the edge.
    One Saturday morning, I swallowed my pride, and sent out another 30 messages to girls I honestly wasn't attracted to at all.

    I completely lowered my standards, but what the heck - I figured I had to start somewhere, right?

    Late that afternoon, I was like a kid on Christmas because I finally got a reply. It was from a girl named Donna, and she seemed very interested - she even included her number in the email!

    Now let's get this straight - even from her single profile picture, I knew that this girl was a bit "thicker" than I like. But, at this point, I was just glad that somebody was interested in me period.

    My confidence level was at an all-time low. I felt completely undesirable.

    I tried to push those negative thoughts out of my mind as I punched her number into my phone, and after a few quick text messages, we agreed to meet up at Applebees for dinner and drinks.

    I pulled in, parked and saw a girl with an awfully familiar face standing just outside the entrance. It was worse than I even imagined - she was at least 60 pounds heavier than she looked in her profile picture.

    "Hey, are you Donna?" I asked, as I tried to hide my complete shock.
    She gave me a guilty smile, and said "yep, that's me".

    5 300x199 - Scott Valdez - The Click Magnet Dating SystemEven in my desperate condition, I felt scammed as we walked in, sat down and ordered. And I quietly stewed as double-chinned Donna devoured two entrees and half of my plate before hitting the dessert menu.

    And as low as I am at this point and desperate to break this ridiculous dry streak, I down a couple beers and think "What the hell. maybe she'll have as much passion for me as she does for her fudge sundaes?"

    I start slugging my Millers as quickly as I can, preparing my "beer goggles" for action. But yet, for some reason, the goggles weren't making her belly rolls look any smaller.

    Even though I was alone with this girl, the words "alright, I'll take one for the team" actually passed through my head. I decided it was all or nothing that night.

    As my date progressed, I thought I was doing well enough, so when I came back from a trip to the bathroom, I sat on her side of the booth, and when I thought the time was right, I moved in for the kiss.

    You should have seen the look on her face. At first it was a look of confusion, but then double-chinned Donna gave me a stern glare and said.

    "Hey, I don't want to hurt your feelings. but I just don't think there's any chemistry here."
    Then she wiped the chocolate off her face, politely excused herself and left me with that massive bill.
    Applebees Receipt - Scott Valdez - The Click Magnet Dating System

    That's when I decided, at that very moment, that something had to change.

    I made a burning commitment with all my soul that I would never lower my standards ever again, or chase women that didn't really attract and excite me.

    I would master the art of meeting women online, and I was willing to risk everything - my money, job, and everything I owned - to find a way to make it happen.

    I drove home, went straight to my computer and started researching everything there was to know about online dating.

    my throbbing, bloodshot eyes were locked to my computer screen for the next 4 days.

    I started devouring all the information I could find on meeting women online. I read all the free online blogs and forums and I bought up loads of eBooks and audio programs.

    Really, I studied harder than I ever did in college.

    In the process, not only did I learn a lot of WRONG things, but I also realized that most of the online dating "experts" out there were selling unproven, untested stuff.

    For example: A few of the "gurus" told me to put "RE:" in the subject line to trick her into thinking we'd already been in touch so that she would open it every time.

    I was excited to try this "secret technique," but surprise, surprise.. it didn't seem to be working (and I later went on to collect extensive data that proves it HURTS your response rate).

    But, amongst all the garbage, I did uncover some advice that worked. And soon, everything began to change.

    Almost Overnight, I Went From ZERO Responses From Women Online To Getting 4+ Dates A Week.
    I'd like to see you get THOSE results by picking up women a bar or club. Even if you DID have the skills, your entire life would be consumed by constantly chasing more women.

    .Meanwhile I'm having all this fun and barely lifting a finger.

    Soon I didn't even know what to do with all these amazingly hot women I was meeting online. I mean, most of them were better looking than any girl I'd ever dated in the past.

    As I gained more and more experience, I started to feel like I was beyond what any of the books and audio programs about online dating had taught me. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was developing my own system.

    Even though I realized that most of us guys needed a lot of help with online dating, developing this system was never a part of the plan. I just wanted to set up as many dates imaginable in as little time as I could.

    1 300x261 - Scott Valdez - The Click Magnet Dating System

    But as I practiced more and more, I realized that online dating was a game that I could master.

    And, pretty soon, my little online dating "experiment" materialized into a big success, and friends of mine started to ask me about it.

    Then, their friends started to ask me about it.

    Even my brother - an ER doctor - wanted to know how to replicate this system for himself.

    That's when I realized that there were probably a ton of busy guys out there with 6+ figure incomes that would be more than happy to cut me checks to have dates delivered to them on a platter.

    . And with my automatic date-getting system, it was easy.

    So that's when I decided to start Virtual Dating Assistants (ViDA), the first company in the world to enable men to outsource all of the "work" involved with online dating.

    Our clients pay us big bucks.

    I'm talking $1440 PER MONTH to make them look badass online and consistently set them up with attractive dates.

    Simply put, we do everything from setting up a magnetically attractive online dating profile to initiating conversations with attractive women, to setting up the date - they just have to show up!

    My Team And I Help Men Effortlessly Attract Women Online.
    .On Autopilot, 24/7, even while you're asleep.

    Over the past 6 years, not only have I had my "lion's share" of dates with phenomenally attractive women. most of these women WROTE ME before I even lifted a finger.

    After testing thousands of email templates, profile strategies and automation methods, my team and I have been able to get meeting women online down to a predictable science. And the best part is. it can all be activated at the push of a button.

    Now, I've known for a long time that I've been sitting on this HUGE online dating "vault of secrets" that I could use to help regular guys have phenomenal success meeting women online.

    Since 2009, I've been flooded with phone calls from guys who wanted my dating services but that simply couldn't afford it.

    Guys asked, no - they BEGGED me to share the proven secrets in my vault of online dating tricks, lines and techniques.

    .but my high-paying clients would KILL me if they knew I'd "let the cat out of the bag" after charging them an arm and a leg.

    .I finally decided to help guys like you and me, by creating a step-by-step online dating system, because I had to face the hard truth:

    According To The Book Freakonomics, 56% Of Men Never Get A Single Response From A Woman Online.
    I also know that over 90% of men who start online dating never get a single date, and they quit within three months feeling scammed!

    Now don't get me wrong, I believe online dating is by far, the most effective way to meet as many women as you want in any city, with the least amount of effort required.

    But you have to know how to do it. otherwise, it's a BITCH.

    And just like in any other dating arena, the odds are stacked against you. Here are 2 big reasons why men are doomed to fail at online dating:

    1. Men Try To "Chase" Women Online .
    Many guys think "Hi" in the subject line, followed by a few lame paragraphs in your email message will do the trick.

    A guy might read a woman's profile, and if she says that she likes traveling, he'll think that the best opening line will be to say:

    "Hey, you like traveling too? That wins you some brownie points! We definitely

    Have some things in common. How's your week going?"

    He's trying to "convince" her to like him, instead of actually triggering her attraction.

    When you try to convince women to feel attracted, this will only turn her off. The fact is, she'll either think you're boring, desperate, or wimpy.

    Unless you're on a site like RussianEuro.com or LatinAmericanCupid.com looking for a mail-order bride, if you try the same old boring approach, you will turn them off FOREVER.

    Men don't realize that women literally get HUNDREDS of email responses from "lovable losers" that make them want to projectile vomit.

    If you'd like to have a harem of women, much like Hugh Hefner has at his playboy mansion, where your dating life is completely automated, and women continually come to you without any effort.

    . And if you'd like complete abundance and control over your dating situation, then you must "bait" women into messaging you with a magnetically-attractive profile and killer template emails that you can quickly copy & paste to hundreds of different women.

    I literally have over a dozen techniques that I use in combination, which automatically get me and my clients exposed to hundreds or even thousands of women every single day.

    2. Automated Online Dating Requires A New Set Of Skills and Tools.
    It's bad enough that most men don't have a clue how to make a woman feel attracted to them in real life - in the online arena, it's a whole new ball game.

    It takes some very specific skills and tools to quickly build magnetic attraction with women online.

    However, once you have them, you'll never have to get off your butt and approach a girl again. You can lie back, and have women chasing you at every hour of the day, even if you're not paying attention.

    Strangely enough, online dating is a lot like the old days of knights and noblemen.

    Back in medieval times, noblemen used poetry to woo the women they desired. And it worked really well.

    .But can you imagine dating a woman because you stole her heart with a beautiful poem?

    Online dating requires a new skillset that most men are totally unaware of, and will never learn.

    You've got to learn how to write in a magnetic way that grabs a woman's attention, and drags her through your profile, pushing just the right attraction buttons along the way.

    Then you have

    It's much easier to do than you might think - waaay easier than approaching women in a bar or club.

    Just like the knights and noblemen of medieval times, if you want suck dozens of potential dates into your inbox every day, while you sleep, you must learn how to create attraction with text.

    Before you're done reading this letter, I'm going to share some powerful online dating tips with you, so keep reading.

    By applying these tips alone, you will already be MUCH more equipped than 93% of guys who try to meet women online.

    The first thing you need to know in order to consistently attract, meet, and date phenomenally attractive women online, is.

    How To Create A Dating Profile That Will Literally FORCE Attractive Women To Contact You As Soon As They Read It.
    One of the BIGGEST things you must know is how to write your dating profile so that women start contacting you automatically.

    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]
    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]
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    2)Save the file as a .rar extension
    3) Extract the archives with Winrar 5 with password
    Password: Golden_Plaza


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