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So what happened to P2P sharing?

Discussion in 'Computer & Technology' started by slowmo, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. slowmo

    slowmo Well-Known Member

    So what happened to P2P sharing?

    I don't know how many have been around on the internet long enough to remember the days of Napster, which was started in 1999 by a college drop-out named Shawn Fanning. It was a place you could come in and download songs. Eventually it was pretty much sued out of existence by the RIAA. This was about the time I came into file sharing.

    Since Napster had disappeared, I blundered into another file sharing site called AudioGalaxy. AudioGalaxy would let you have some songs and not others unless you were paid for member or if you had the right software. Shortly after that, I came in one day and it had closed it's doors to file sharing because of the RIAA also.

    After that came DC++, SoulSeek, Emule, Limewire, Kazaa, and then later torrenting. Today you don't see much of p2p sharing as in the old days. Today due to security to keep your butt out of trouble it is now cyberlockers or torrenting with some modifications. Oh, don't get me wrong some of the old ways still exist but they are no longer what they once were.

    Warez forums seem to be tapering off as well. Between being hunted by the copyright industry and being hounded on all sides, their numbers seem to be dwindling too. They are still there but fewer now than once. Something more common now is that the same folk show up at different sites. Those that keep their nicks are recognized when they show up by someone already there. That sort of indicates it is a smaller world than it once was.

    Torrenting seems to be doing fine. It has advantages but one of the disadvantages is security. Torrenters are stepping up to provide their own personal security but it remains a weakness.

    Through all this the copyright industries are driving the evolution of file sharing. They kill one and at least 2 or 3 more come into existence as a result.

    Streaming looks to be kicking in. One advantage of streaming is that the laws haven't really caught up to streaming. While illegal to put one out, it is not illegal to receive one. So many people have went to streaming. They mix this with their TV's, computers, and the many other services out there and come up with their own networked hybrid.

    So what are your newer adventures in this and how has modern technology changed how you share your culture?
  2. rainman

    rainman French Global Moderator Staff Member

    Yea I use to use napstser, then grokster, limewire, etc to get my stuff.
    Then torrents, but to long and much crap along the way, so I welcomed the warez scene and got into this side , just as I'm today.

    I now use a VPN account when doing anything on the internet, especially while doing an up or down.
    Have not gotten into the streaming side much, since I like to down and watch when I want.

    However, the real key here is using some type of protection and NOT a proxy, which is just crap and a waste of time.

    I'm also into CS, but a different topic altogether, which is also experiencing some issue's as well.

    I welcome the new age, and how were going do this in the future.

    I leave you to think about how this will be done, since if I spill it now, then the game is over before it starts, which is not how we do it.
    Lasted edited by : May 1, 2014
  3. brerrabbit

    brerrabbit SUPER VIP

    Thanks slowmo, Napster was great where you could download an MP3 in about 18 minutes using the fastest modem available at the time. Things have changed.
  4. noirvpn

    noirvpn Well-Known Member

    Any service one can use to get the download required, is all you need. We have seen them all, come and go, and we only suggest that you use a decent VPN service while you download. No sense getting in trouble for just downloading a music or movie file. We remember the old days as well. However, we can't live in the past, can we.
  5. intheshadows

    intheshadows New Member

    I started out on a site called Astalavista - or something like that. I couldn't figure out how a movie could be DL'd with 10 or more files! So finally I asked and the people were so nice - told me what I needed and it was so easy I could hardly believe it - and I was hooked. Then I learned about Rapidshare, Mega and last but not least, torrenting. Eventually I went to torrenting completely but alas, wound up getting two of those nasty letters from my ISP so I went back to the file sharing and only torrented old stuff I got for my folks if I couldn't find it on file sharing sites.

    Now I've turned to VPNs. I have one on my desktop and one on my laptop and love it. But not I'm having difficulty paying for a membership. I got myself a pre-paid Visa to renew my uploaded account for 6 months and the stupid card won't take charges out of the country! It's like a new road block goes up every month - or maybe even week!

    I enjoy giving back by uploading and sharing, but get quite frustrated at how fast link disappear. But I'm not going anywhere - each hurdle is just another challenge to over come. :)
  6. eatmyshorts

    eatmyshorts Retired Admin

    We used to download stuff? no way :D <not incriminating myself> lol

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