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Which brand of Headphone is the best?

Discussion in 'Computer & Technology' started by WajeehBJ, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. WajeehBJ

    WajeehBJ New Member

    I want to purchase some really good headphones for my laptop. I wanted to know in your opinion, what brand makes the best headphones in quality. Not the hardware quality but in terms of audio quality. let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.
  2. darkness112

    darkness112 New Member

    Hi, in my experience the best kind of head phone would probably be Sennheiser. The HD 558 is around $250 but you can find it on sales sometimes
    Lasted edited by : Jan 22, 2012
  3. TigerLikesTail

    TigerLikesTail Member

    If you are playing mp3 files then you don't want great headphones.
    Reason why is that the highest mp3 bitrate is 320kbps
    CD quality = 1411kbps.

    When you use great headphones you will really hear the loss of that 1000 kb's of sound.
    Just head to amazon & buy a good dj set of Sennheiser.
    Don't spend more than 100 dollars..

    Now if you are listening to real CD quality in full sound & not mp3
    Then just have alook on Amazon for the best reviewed sets for the audiophile.
    They will really get into it there & you'll have a lot to go on as far as comparisons.
  4. killersing

    killersing New Member

    Bose Quiet Comfort 15 are the best.
  5. torwinx

    torwinx New Member

    personal i use the H6 headphone from B&O (Bang & Olufsen) its not quite cheap but the quality from the materials and designe is the best i found at the moment. If u ask me, the sound quality is great - but I'm not a professional in the sound business - just for my usage (music from the different divices).

    I would suggest that u will go in a good stocked store and try some because its really personal even from the wearing comfort etc.
  6. Wizard86

    Wizard86 Back from Death


    It's pointless buying expensive headphones for a laptop (or most PC's), anything over US$100 or so, and most under $100 are pretty much the same. 2 Reasons:

    Most of the Audiophile (HiFi) quality headphones are high impedance, usually 300 to 600 ohms. Most built in sound amp's in laptop's & PC's can only drive up to 32 ohms. So sound in those headphones will be quite low and weak even at max volume.

    Secondly, the audiophile headphones need a good DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converters) and power amp to get the best from them.

    If you really want audiophile quality headphones, you will also have to buy an external audio DAC/amp system. The cheapest is the Audioengine D1 Premium 24 Bit DAC or the N22 (but they aren't the best by far!) There is one specifically for notebooks (it's small and portable, a little bigger than a USB pen drive), but I haven't used it), the Audioengine D3 Premium 24 Bit DAC. I have an ASUS Xonar Essence One which is not bad, but cost almost AU$400. A really good one would cost me over $1,000. :)

    Then, what headphones to get is very subjective. You have to listen with them to decided what you like. The same headphones and audio system can sound different to different people. :) My personal preference is Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, (I have both) and a few others are good. The other thing that you have to decide, is which headphone is actually comfortable for you to wear! There are many different head sizes and shapes, and most headphone manufacturers try to suit as many as possible. But they can't suit everyone. I tried a new model from Sennheiser a couple years ago that I couldn't wear for more than a few minutes. They were obviously designed for a smaller head! LOL So, you have to try them on especially if you plan to use them for an hour or longer. :)

    There are other considerations... Do you want 'open' (also called 'circumaural') type headphones (such as the Sennheiser HD 598 Audiophile headphones, which I have) so you can hear what's happening around you (phone ringing etc), or 'closed' (such as the Sennheiser HD25-II Professional Monitoring headphones) that minimize background noise, etc.

    Sorry, but there is no simple answer (I worked as a studio engineer for awhile, and was a musician many years ago.)

    Now, all of that said! If you just want to get the best you can without spending a lot and don't want an external DAC/Amp, Sennheiser do make a 32ohm headphone for about $95 here, called the HD 429. I haven't tried it, but a friend has and say's it's good for the price. I've used Sennheiser for years and never been disappointed. :)

    Hope this helps. :)
    Lasted edited by : Feb 27, 2014
  7. rainman

    rainman French Global Moderator Staff Member

    The senns 429 mentioned are very good. I was gonna get them as a present, but decided to to get the AKG 452 instead.
    Both work great with mobile devices, ( so mp3) with clear , crisp sound.

    Both are about the same in price, but shop around, perhaps you can get a deal onone or the other set. Thats why I ended up with the AKG 452, plus it just felt right.
  8. saharmali

    saharmali New Member

    personal i use the H6 headphone from B&O (Bang & Olufsen) its not quite cheap but the quality from the materials and designe is the best i found at the moment. If u ask me, the sound quality is great - but I'm not a professional in the sound business - just for my usage (music from the different divices).

    I would suggest that u will go in a good stocked store and try some because its really personal even from the wearing comfort etc.

  9. bum4evr

    bum4evr Active Member

    Dont pay for a brand name!!! like Beats or Sennheiser!!!! My Koss porta pros sound great!!! and for just $30... or so
  10. ivone

    ivone Member

    For past 10 years I am using Logitec (wireless), works perfect.
  11. banny1

    banny1 New Member

    Like any Gadget the key is in the stats -

    Although this may help explain -
    [ Only registered users can see the bbcode. Click Here To Register... ]
    But no point buying worlds best headphones and using on board sound card, it needs to be relative to avoid wasting money.

    Finally, consider the durability some headphones break easy.
  12. sirnobby1

    sirnobby1 Active Member

    Depends what you use them for and where they are used.
    The Pro headphones from Sennheiser etc are good and durable. Beats are just domestic headphones for people who want to pay through the mose for a label. Quality wise they can't touch such H/P as Sennheiser 600/650 open back studio H/P or Sennheiser HD25 MkII

    There are lots of good cheaper headphones out there but what you will sacrifice is audio clarity and accuracy as well as imaging. Open back are more natural for mixing while closed back are better for a noisy environment. Never use noise cancelling for quality monitoring as the phase cancellation they use changes the audio quality and masks potential problems .

    If you are using quality sound gear then it is a waste of time using H/P which might break on location or do not let you accurately judge on set quality.

    I worked for the BBC Sound department for over 25 years and if one thing I learnt it was that you get what you pay for. There is a good reason that certain brands have stood the test of time.
  13. popeye11100

    popeye11100 Super Nutter Mod Staff Member

    the best Headphone/Mic is the cheapest.. and Dont buy a usb one make sure its the (2) or 1 3.5mm jack Style Pending how old your laptop is the new ones only come with one jack input that is ok we now can buy very cheaply $10 or £10 or 10 euro ect ..
    If you buy a usb heaset well you cant play do kareoke because the usb has its own sound chip in it. where 3.5mm comes from soundcard. Trust be Both Myself and MechoPirate are Pro,s at setting up sound systems on computers. So Please dont buy anything dear cheaper the better. He says with bout 50 headset/mics for sale..[​IMG]
  14. demogyn

    demogyn New Member

    Hi! Comfort and quality in price, I recommend the AKG K 44 They are light and not heat the ear.

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